The Door’s Ministry is delivered through its diverse offering of programs. Each serves a segment of the community, by offering positive experiences that facilitate the transformation and holistic growth of youth, families, and communities through collaborative partnerships, direct service, capacity-building, and resource development. The following are the programs and services The Door currently offers:

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Youth Programs

  • Generation E4 Afterschool Program (Gen. E4  Afterschool)
    [EXPAND Click To Read More About Gen. E4  Afterschool]This program provides math and science support  via project-based learning to local area students. Reinforcing the school curriculum in a supportive environment, the program offers academic as well as life-skills, violence and substance abuse prevention, and Judeo-Christian value instruction throughout the school year. Read more …[/EXPAND]
  • Generation E4 Summer Program (Gen. E4 Summer)
    [EXPAND Click To Read More About Gen. E4 Summer] Like the afterschool program, Gen. E4 Summer helps decrease learning loss that is typical of students in the summer. It offers local area students the opportunity to become proficient in math and science through academic instruction and hands-on learning. The students spend the equivalent of a full school day on site learning in an environment that is safe and keeps them mentally engaged. The program offers students many exciting field trips and outdoor activities as part of their summer experience. Read more…[/EXPAND]

Family and Community Development

    • Caring, Acting, Restoring, Effecting (C.A.R.E.)
      [EXPAND Click To Read More About CARE]This community activist organization concentrates on neighborhood cleanliness and violence reduction. The Door helped found and has assisted in the ongoing development of C.A.R.E., concentrating on its shared goals and community partnerships since 2004. Read more…[/EXPAND]
    • Food Pantry
      [EXPAND Click To Read More About The Food Pantry]Serves the less fortunate by providing emergency food baskets. The Door’s Food Pantry has served the community, providing a once-a-month emergency food basket to individuals and families in need, continuously, for as long as they need support. Read more…[/EXPAND]

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