Our mission is to facilitate the transformation and holistic growth of youth, families and communities through collaborative partnerships, direct service, […]

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The Board of Directors Michael Gaines, Chairman Real Estate Specialist, Maryland Department of General Services Robert E. Thomas, Treasurer Executive […]

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Community Pantry

The Food Pantry Objective As an organization, we value meeting the basic needs of the community because no one should […]

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Who We Are

The Baltimore Urban Leadership Foundation, Inc., also known as “The Door,” is a non-profit organization that has been serving as an “Umbrella of Hope” in Baltimore City for over 35 years.  During this time, The Door has served local communities in East Baltimore through direct service, capacity-building and resource development. Its programs support the organizational mission of rebuilding communities, empowering families and transforming lives.  Learn more


The Door Honors Giving Tuesday

Tehma Smith Wilson, CEO of “The Door” in Baltimore, joins CBS News on Giving Tuesday to discuss how inflation has impacted the organization and what others can do to help.

CBS National News 

The Door help its community navigate uncertain times was the theme of the CBS National News segment which featured The Door’s food and resource distribution program. This segment did a wonderful job of telling the story of its pantry participants and the challenges that The Door and other organizations like us face in trying to meet the needs of the community during inflationary pressures and waning pandemic funding and support.  Learn more


Japan TBS International News

Japan’s TBS International News featured The Door’s food and resource distribution program and their response to inflation in Baltimore City.  As food costs are rising due to inflation, but incomes for many people are not, the number of people using The Door’s food pantry has been increasing rapidly. Learn more


Mayor Brandon Scott visits The Door

Mayor Brandon Scott visits The Door in East Baltimore. While there, he assisted with their bi-weekly food distribution and spent time with their Boys & Girls Club Metropolitan Baltimore summer camp. Learn more


Heros Against Hunger Award Ceremony

September is Hunger Action Month.  The Door was awarded with the Outstanding Partner Award (Baltimore City) from the Maryland Food Bank.  This partnership has been extremely instrumental in providing food, personal and household items to the residents of Baltimore City during the pandemic. Learn more


The Guardian News – US Cities are Suffocating in the Heat.  Now They Want Retribution.

The Guardian news interviews The Door as a Baltimore City sanctioned Resiliency Hub and discusses the extreme heat that has a significant impact on urban areas and low-income residents.  Learn more



The Door is Designated as One of Baltimore City’s “Resiliency Hub”

The term “resiliency hub” is relatively new, but the basic concept, of course, is not. Community leaders have long been running trusted spaces that serve residents in a variety of ways through churches and community centers.  Baltimore City’s Resiliency Hubs partner with government agencies and other local stakeholders to collect and distribute real-time information needed to make community decisions, serve as a staging place for first responders, serve as an emergency center for residents (providing food, water, and shelter), and strengthen overall community readiness among other things. Learn more

The Door, Bea Gaddy and the United Way Partner for Neighborhood Safety and Beautification

The Door has completed its cafe exterior lighting project in the 200 and 400 block of N. Chester.  This lighting serves as a multi-purpose initiative.  It (1) increases the level of safety (2) beautifies the community and (3) increases neighborhood pride.  It also allows residents to feel more comforatable traveling through the community at night.  Learn more


The Door’s partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of Metropolian Baltimore

The Door will be partnering with the Boys & Girls Cub of Metropolitan Baltimore to provide increased programming for the youth in the East Baltimore area.  This programming will focus on academic success, health & life-skills; and character & leadership. Programs will be delivered by trained, paid, youth-development professionals.  Learn more


The Door’s Community Pantry

The Door distirbutes resourses such as food, hand sanitizer, paper goods, masks, etc. to the community every Tuesday and Thursday from 12:00pm – 1:00pm (while supplies last).  Learn more


Baltimore City’s Health Department Updates

For reference, updates, and information about the COVID-19 vaccine, visit  coronavirus.baltimorecity.gov/covax.

The Health Department is providing updates regularly over social media and the covid website. It may be helpful to follow these pages:
https://coronavirus.baltimorecity.gov/covid-19-vaccine-information       Learn More