Media & Recognitions

CBS National News – The Door Helps Its Community Navigate Uncertain Times


CBS National News featured The Door’s food and resource distribution program. This segment does a wonderful job of telling the story of its pantry participants and the challenges The Door and other organizations like us face in trying to meet the needs of the community during inflationary pressures and waning pandemic funding and support.  Learn more

Japan TBS International News – The Door Receives International Recognition with Their Response to Inflation in Baltimore City


Japan’s TBS International News featured The Door’s food and resource distribution program. Food Bank Users “This is a week’s worth of food.” The number of people using this food bank has been increasing rapidly recently. Ms. Smith Wilson said, “On average, about 100 people visit every day, and it is increasing every week. Food costs are rising due to inflation, but incomes for many people are not rising,” Learn more


Baltimore City’s Mayor, Mayor Brandon Scott, visits The Door as he highlights the second round of the American Rescue Plan Act grant funding.  Protions of this funding will be dedicated to non-profit organizations committed to building a better and safer Baltimore.  While at The Door, Mayor Scott participated in their bi-weekly food distribution and spent time with the youth participating in their Boys & Girls Club Metropolitan Baltimore summer camp.

2022 Heroes Against Hunger Award Ceremony – Outstanding Partner: Baltimore City

September is Hunger Action Month.  The Door was awarded with the Outstanding Partner Award (Baltimore City) from the Maryland Food Bank.  This partnership has been extremely instrumental in providing food, personal and household items to the residents of Baltimore City during the pandemic. (More)